7 Best Client Portal Software for Your Business

7 Best Client Portal Software for Your Business

Introduction – Customer Persona

Not able to find the right Client Portal Software best suited for your business? Don’t worry; we have covered the 7 best client portal software to empower your business services.

A traditional business provides business contact details for any help or query, such as a service number or a support email. But, businesses have moved from that phase to dedicated customer portal software for better support services. Now customers are more specific & they need personalised solutions.

Therefore,  The customer portal software allows easy access to multiple resources at the consumer’s fingertips. Also, there are dedicated help chatbots that help customers to get answers & resolve queries. This addition has helped the helpdesk agents in reduction of the volume of the customer query tickets. Thus, it has tremendously saved a lot of precious time for both customers & agents.

Let’s understand the difference between a website & client portal software is?

A Brief About Websites and Web Portals

Websites are basically an online representation of a business. At the same time, we develop a web portal for user-centric needs. A web portal holds the customer data & various information in a secure,  private & personalised way. Let us understand further the meaning  & difference of both a website and a web portal, individually.

A website

The Internet has become the first place where we now seek our answers related to anything. Right? So, Like most people, you must have asked  Google browser & have got certain results in less than a fraction of the seconds. In our daily living, look out for any information where website pages helped us to get details.

A website is a digital presence of any business these days. It has helped entrepreneurs to collect leads, generate sales & revenue. Nowadays, almost every business has an informative website to spread their products & services information.

A web portal

A web portal is a  customer-centric & advanced version of a website. It is equivalent to a data management system where only companies or organizations can build & interchange information with each other. Data can be accessed by the company only.

A Client Web Portal is a separate entity of a website & is kept in a private location on the server. These web portals are highly secure & can be accessed only after a security validation of the user’s unique ID & password details.

Web portals are highly user-centric. Every customer who has signed up has their own unique password through which they access their portals. Thus Customer portal software contains dynamic content.  The customer content changes every time based on his activities & interactions with the company services.

All details are captured & updated in real-time under these dynamic web portals so that customer has real-time experience of his purchase details & histories, all in one place. If you are looking to develop a client portal software or a customer web portal, search no more – Here, we have created a list of the 7 best client portal software for your business. Please take advantage of our research & we wish you all the best with new developments!

7 Best Client portal software for your business

#1) SuiteDash

A Client Portal Software that is completely integrated & is a cloud-based platform. Appropriate for small to medium size business requirements. SuiteDash is client portal software that integrates the most common tools of businesses & eliminates the third party integration cost.


  • Full-featured CRM & a Client Web Portal Software
  • White Label Solutions Available.
  • Project & Task Management
  • Easy File Sharing & Powerful Collaboration Tool
  • Recurring Subscription Payment feature
  • Email marketing & Drip Marketing Tool
  • Privacy Compliant Messaging
  • Live Team Chat embedded
  • HIPAA and GDPR Compliant

#2) monday.com

Get empowered by monday.com CRM software. Easily manage customer data, client interactions, and various processes. Build customisable dashboards & get a clear view of sales pipelines, processes, key performance indicators, and a 360-degree view of business opportunities.


  • Shareable task progress boards for clients.
  • Set up auto-reminders follow-ups & receive due date notifications.
  • Automated task assignment to teammates.
  • Feature to capture Leads online.
  • Fast & easy adoption by webinars, tutorials & guides.
  • Get a premium plan & enjoy unlimited storage capacities.

#3) Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Customer Service

This software is a trending customer choice in the market today when it comes to customer support services. An efficient tool that is rich in features for customer interaction. It has the feature of omnichannel communication. Get functional templates, custom reports, dashboards. By investing a few more, you will have embedded intelligence, a service desk (unified) etc.

It has 3 deployment options: Cloud-based, On-premises &  Hybrid mode. Choose as per your IT capabilities.

#4) Nifty

A new-wave & easy-to-use project management tool. Reduce project development cycles. Get improved team productivity by combining cross-collaborations,  integrating communication, and defining workflow automation in one through this platform. Set your organisational goals high & schedule progress through automation. Keep teammates & project stakeholders in sync with maximum alignment.


  • Project Grouping & Portfolio dashboard for the team, clients, departments, etc.
  • Inbuilt Automations to turn task lists into milestones.
  • Develop documents from discussions & auto-invite all involved members.
  • Set up recurring tasks to automation through advanced features.
  • Quick & seamless onboarding through amazing live chat support, tutorials, and video guides for a smooth experience.
  • Time tracking & reporting
  • iOS, Android, and Desktop apps
  • Google single sign-on (SSO)
  • Open API overview

#5) Kahootz

Initiate client collaboration within minutes. No hardcore IT training or consultancy is required for your teams to set up new workspaces quickly. In addition, Kahootz’s data security is something to look up to. Its security credentials are audited independently to the prime requirements of enterprises and, most importantly, government departments.


  • Document management & approval workflows.
  • Surveys for client feedback.
  • Client voting on product enhancements.
  • Apply controls to limit client exposure to certain contents.
  • Online community management through forums & blog posting.
  • Highly customisable to adhere to brand & business processes needs.

#6) LiveAgent

A cloud-based customer service solution provider. With LiveAgent customer portal software, you have the option to provide multiple customer portal solutions. In addition, this platform offers a WYSIWYG editor. Hence, create knowledgeable FAQs,  intuitive forums, how-to blogs & articles, etc.


  • Create Knowledge bases for internal & external resources.
  • Use live chat, ticketing features, call centre functionality, & social media integrations.
  • Design & build automation rules & improve process workflow efficiency.
  • 24/7 support feature.
  • Approximately 40 language translations available
  • Fully functional with Android and iOS apps.

#7) Zendesk

Zendesk is a ticketing management software that is cloud-based. It is a customer service solution with a lot of self-service options for customers. Zendesk has many products & features that are separately sold & can be integrated for better productivity. The Zendesk Suite combines customer support service, guides, live chat and talk features for the best customer service experience.

Zendesk Features:

  • Create product guides for support service agents, and these guides can then be utilised to deliver self-service answers to customers.
  • Live chat embedded to provide real-time response to customer queries.
  • The Connect system helps you solve customer issues.

Why Do Client Portal Software matters?

Client portal software is a highly demanded product these days as every enterprise is empowering its customers. Customers today are demanding & expecting a client portal software that has the capability to self-service. In addition, consumers are tech-savvy & conduct their own information research.

Personalised services are highly expected nowadays by customers. However, customers have no time & patience to get delayed answers & late responses to their queries. Therefore, any barrier in customer response creates problems & challenges for an organisation to deal with the situation & decreases the overall customer satisfaction score.


A recent survey of 1900 customer service solution leaders conducted by Salesforce revealed that only those companies who can keep their paces with customers’ expectations could dominate their market.  These high-performing teams can sense the urgency &, by acknowledging it timely, builds a positive rapport. Whereas Microsoft says that 90 per cent of consumers expect that if they have subscribed to a product or a service, they should have an online portal for customer service.

Seeing the growth, the majority of software development companies have released various client portal software. Although the current customer portal software is mainly oriented towards the enterprise itself, most likely soon, applications will increasingly encompass navigation to enterprise-customer interactions. Therefore, we advise you to choose a vendor wisely for your client portal software.


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