Axis Football 2019 An American Simulation Gameplay

Axis Football 2019 An American Simulation gameplay is still the choice of players and cherish to feel the game in the stadium.

New football game by EA, which decided to go out a little before the usual. Arrived on September 27, 2019, on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and MacOS, Axis Football 2019 surprised everyone in more than one way. We take the same and start again. Let’s go to our Axis football online test on PC!

Let it be said right away, the king is back, once again. The specialized press said it loud and clear in the various tests, but like every year, its long-time competitor has an unlimited marketing budget (thanks to EA). It was not always the case.


This new Axis football 2019 is not a simple update of the previous version. However, the additions are incremental. Understand that they were made in stages so as not to upset a Football game which was already working very well. The results are quite convincing. EA thought big and worked closely with steam to benefit from his vision for the game and his way of playing in small spaces.

Axis Football 2019

Joystick in hand, it’s happiness in the bar. The new techniques of the first touch of the ball make a huge difference and frankly, we can see the difference with the past version. Player reactions to the ball are more realistic and you really feel like you are watching a game on TV. Also, depending on technical mastery, some players will make “signature” controls like Neymar or Messi, in short, a real pleasure for the eyes (and for the thumbs).

Axis Football Unlocked

On the other hand, and this is where other games disappointed us during our test, it is at the level of the management of defenders. Already, I would advise you to manage the individual marking of the start of each match under penalty of having defenders on the street, even when playing in a zone defense. It is all the more obvious when you come across a player who has absolutely not taken the time to do so, his defense will simply be ineffective.

Even having taken this precaution, some defenders’ reactions are incomprehensible, they do not hesitate to stay planted like poles when the ball hits their backs causing goals. You have the solution of the super cancel which consists in maintaining R1 / R2 in order to control your player manually, but it is a technique to be acquired (which is then formidable to defend well). For newbies, Axis football online will seem tough and uncompromising.

                              Axis Football 2019  Axis Football 2019

Note also that players have a tendency to fall at the slightest contact and this harms the realism of the game, however excellent. Fortunately, since the demo, the refereeing has made a leap forward and no longer whistles with each contact. Very good point.


The masters league has been completely overhauled. Taking the place of a manager has never been so pleasant. Experience the derbies, transfers, integrating your young shoots will be part of your new daily life. The transfers have been redesigned to be more authentic and you can feel it during your games, even if sometimes there are always sacred surprises sometimes bordering on the ridiculous, the fault of using an algorithm that cannot be always perfect.

The Masters League Axis Football

The real big news is in the interactive dialogues that enhance your progress like an interactive movie. Cutscenes during practices, talks, press conferences add an epic dimension to the master league.

The Axis football 2019 mods (at the competitor so that you can understand) also had its share of novelty which is characterized above all by an overhaul of the openings from the player pack. Certain menus such as team management are simpler and clearer as well as the management of “assets” such as technical or endurance training cards that you can apply to your players more easily now.

Conclusion | Axis Football 2019 An American Simulation Game Play

Online mode has still not budged and retains some outrageous aspects. Player search is still inefficient. Don’t expect to run 3v3 online and play with other people, as you will often end up with 2 computers with you. Likewise, you will often come across single players with these same computers, which spoils the fun of online gaming.

Fortunately, Axis football 2019 free download available online and look for players in the public lobbies or even jump into the season online trying to move up the ranks. The game will put you in front of a team with equivalent “stars”.



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