9 Best Apps College Students Should Know About

9 Best Apps College Students Should Know About

Do you want to achieve high grades in your college exams? Obviously! For that, you can obtain benefits from the apps for college students. Digital media has changed the way to study. Earlier, scholars use to sit in libraries for long hours to read for their upcoming exams.

But with time, it gets uninteresting reading those heavy textbooks sitting in one place continuously. Now, you have the chance to take maximum advantage of reliable apps. With online study applications, the method of learning has become easy and fun-filled.

So, take a break from the conventional modes of study. You need to install apps for college students on your laptops and smartphones. You can access the study notes instantly from anywhere. These applications will support you to concentrate, reorganize, and enhance your abilities together.

We have shortlisted the best 9 study apps for you. Most of these applications are compatible with iPhones and Android. Accordingly, pick up a suitable study app as per your needs and funds.

  1. Evernote: The Best Apps for College Students to Organize Notes at a Single Place

Evernote app for studentsYou will discover several note-taking applications over the web. But the best app to arrange notes is Evernote. It is a free app that runs on iOS and Android devices.

College students appreciate this app as it enables them to transfer and manage notes on different devices. It means that you can take teaching notes on your laptop and retrieve it over a tablet.

You can locate any word in the notes after saving it. Moreover, this is one of the top apps for college students that facilitate taking images of your records to transfer them to another application.

You can distribute your written notes to your Evernote user friends who did not attend a lecture. So get this app through https://evernote.com/.

  1. Soundnote: The Right App for Drowsy Students to Focus on Lectures 

If you have to survive heavy lectures with full concentration, then the Soundnote app is the right choice. It is not a free app like Evernote. You have to pay £4.99 for using it.

While jotting down notes, this app records all the verbal instructions. Also, it harmonizes both the written and oral information. You can hit on a phrase to reach that specific recording after storing the document.

Soundnote is one of the most useful apps for college students with heavy-eyes, trying to focus on quick lectures. This app only works on iPad. Install this app using the URL: https://soundnote.com/.

  1. Office Lens: One of the Leading Apps for College Students to Save Difficult Diagrams

best ios apps for college studentsCollege studies get tougher with complicated diagrams like graphs, maps, or any illustration. Usually, students have to concentrate on the diagram description offered by the instructor.

Now, it has been made easy with the Office Lens app. It is one of the free apps for college students that use the camera to capture tricky diagrams from the board. This app cuts out useless items while capturing the diagram image.

This app is harmonious with Android and iOS. Gets the android version of this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.office.officelens

For iOS, use the link:


  1. SimpleMind: Free Apps for College Students to Manage their Ideas

If you like creating diagrams with hands, use the SimpleMind app. Both free and premium editions of this app are available. But the free version is sufficient for your diagram creation needs.

This application is available in your browser, android devices, and iOS. You can easily attach several figures on a single page using multiple colors. In case you have no time to create colorful maps, it provides predetermined style pages.

It is a great app that allows you to expand or minimize the subdivisions of a diagram. Thus, you can view big charts on a small screen. Install this app using the link: https://simplemind.eu/download/.

  1. Microsoft Office: One of the Most Popular and Useful Apps for College Students

Microsoft Office is apps for college students that include three apps: MS-Word, MS-Excel, and MS-PowerPoint. It involves one more app called MS-Access.

If you need to type any text document, use MS-Word. You will get several useful options such as a thesaurus, spelling, grammar, embedding tables, pictures, charts, and clip arts. You have the choice to increase or decrease the font size of the written document.

Apps for college students

MS-Excel is beneficial for mathematical calculations. It includes mathematical operators like AutoSum, subtraction, multiplication, division, average, sine of an angle, and more. Moreover, you can use statistical, engineering, cube, information, financial, logical, and text functions given in the ‘Formulas’ option.

MS-PowerPoint helps in the creation of the presentation slides. Also, you can insert videos and edit them as needed.

You can obtain all your MS-Office documents from anywhere if you have stored the files in the cloud system. Now, MS-Office has teamed up with Google. Accordingly, a person having access to a file can modify it too. Plus, it is useful in composing a group project.

MS-Office is a free application and works on Android and iOS devices. Use the link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/microsoft-365/mobile to get this app.

  1. Mathway: A Great Solution for Tricky Mathematical Problems

One of the essential apps for college students is the Mathway. If you try to evade maths due to its difficult questions, use the Mathway app.

It will be useful for you as it performs simple calculations terrifying formulas. You do not have to spend your hours on a single math problem. It is compatible with the android and iOS platforms.

Download this free app using the URL: https://www.mathway.com/about.

  1. do: One of the Decent Apps for College Students to Stay Organized

If you have the habit of not remembering your critical tasks, use Any.do app. It is one of the best applications to maintain your to-do list.

It is a free app that you can use on your laptop and smartphones. This app will help you to stay ahead and accomplish your goals. Further, you can organize your grocery list, calendar, daily planner, and reminders.

Use this app using the link: https://www.any.do/.

  1. Oxford Dictionary of English (OED): A Free App to Enhance Your Vocabulary & Spellings

best ios apps for college studentsIf you desire to learn new English words, then download OED. It is one of the most-used apps for college students. You can use this app on both android and iOS platforms.

It is the best application for everyone to improve their English lexicon. The significant feature of the OED is that it will provide a new English word-meaning daily. Plus, you will get the right spellings of specific words.

This app enables you to capture the image of a word to find it. So, show off your English skills among your peer group using the OED app.

You can download this application through https://www.mobisystems.com/oxford-dictionary-english/.

  1. Dragon Anywhere: Mobile Dictation Gets Easier

If you do not like writing notes, download the Dragon Anywhere app. It is the right app that will act as a personal shorthand-typist for you.

You have to dictate the document to this app. You can even edit the file with your voice command. Additionally, you will get the choice to transfer your notes to other apps like the Evernote app.

It will cost $15 monthly. Download it via https://www.nuance.com/dragon/dragon-anywhere.html


Now, you have the idea of the best apps for college students. So, choose suitable apps from the above list or download and use each app to select the right one.



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