All You Need to Know About the TV Buddy Caster

TV Buddy Caster is the modern invention of  5 technologies for TV lovers. It has so many useful features which make it a popular choice. But there is also a lot of competition from all sorts of devices as well. So, we decided to look at the best bits about this useful gadget and see if it justifies the price. Here is a complete look at what is TV Buddy Caster and how it can help your TV viewing experience.

All You Need to Know About the TV Buddy Caster

5 Factors That Answer How Does TV Buddy Work

1.     It Mirrors

The first thing you should know before you ask is TV Buddy the same as Chromecast is the stark difference. TV buddy is essentially a mirroring device which means it will reproduce the TV streaming from your phone or any other device. So, it is not in itself streaming option. Rather, it will help you port it over to another device. This has many benefits and the chief one is that you can use any device to view your streaming irrespective of the platform.

2.     Better Access

Accessibility takes a big bump up with the TV Buddy Caster. You can not only access your movies and TV shows but in HD format Many other Caster devices are not able to deliver the same quality. So, even if the device is only mirroring it can actually enhance your viewing experience as well as give you access to more shows. Further, you can use multiplied devices in tandem with the TV buddy caster. So, you can carry it along and view your chosen streams on any device at any place. This is a great way for presenters to showcase events to audiences.

TV Buddy caster online view

3.     No Tracking or Ads

Tracking is a major problem which many Caster devices like Chromecast invariably expose their users to. This device, however, does not contain any tracking features or advertisements. Since it is a direct mirror, it is simply going to translate all your streaming data onto another device. So, it can even help you bypass some adverts if they are not hardcoded into the stream itself that you are watching.

All You Need to Know About the TV Buddy Caster

4.     Multiple Use Cases

The TV buddy caster can be used on multiple devices. This means you can use it virtually anywhere as long as the device you want to use has a compatible input. So, for people looking to answer is TV buddy the same as Chromecast, the solution is simple. Using TV buddy with any device is going to ensure that you can watch your streaming without any hiccups. You need to have an active connection with enough bandwidth to allow for streaming shows in the quality you prefer.

5.     Minimal Clutter

Handling your Chromecast or other TV streaming device can be a complicated task. If you are familiar with the technology, then it might be easier for you. However, if you don’t know how to use it, it can become a big hassle getting to your live streaming or podcast on time. The TV Buddy Caster provides a perfect solution for this problem since it gives you a perfectly clean interface. So, even if you are not sure about how you should operate your Chromecast or other TV device interface, simply using this device is going to work.

Should You Buy a TV Buddy Caster?

A TV Buddy Caster can be a perfect solution for those who like enjoying TV shows and movies uninterruptedly. You can port over your stream, to virtually any device and even carry it along out of your house. So, streaming virtually anywhere with a strong Wi-Fi connection is a strong possibility.

TV Buddy Caster

This device does have some drawbacks such as its high price and the lack of independent streaming. You also need to follow a rather prolonged setup process before actually using it. This can be a hassle for the first time and if you need to reset it to a new device.

However, other than that, this device can be a great addition to your portable caster setup. It provides all the benefits we have mentioned above and can make for a far easier viewing experience across all your USB compatible screening devices.



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