Airtable Gets Investment of $185M to Boost Its Business

Airtable gets investment of $185M is not only going to be the first attempt of raising money but this will continue in future too. The company has been spending on research and development therefore attracting more investors in its portfolio.

Airtable – the spreadsheet-database combined Software Company stated a good news update.

Airtable Spreadsheet: A Low-Code Tool

Started up in 2012 in San Francisco by Howie Liu, Airtable is the most preferred platform for the working group. Earlier, Airtable was known as Formagrid. This software helps the workforce to act as a team without having any high-tech knowledge.

Airtable enables the staff to organize their assignments easily. The users can communicate data proficiently and this software does not require former coding expertise.

Airtable Spreadsheet launches new low code and automation features

By this the firm holds $185 million funds in its treasury. It is on-demand office software that is getting a makeover to allow a far-off working party to manage tasks well.

This tool confronts the supremacy of Google Sheets and MS-Excel spreadsheet by gaining a $185 million investment. It has received the funds in the 4th or Series D funding. Thus, the overall estimation of the company is $2.585 billion. Its earlier worth was $1.1 billion after the C or 3rd series funding in 2018.

Airtable spreadsheet

The renowned investment firm — Thrive Capital headed the funding series. Airtable obtained funds by its present patrons like Coatue, Benchmark, CRV, and Caffeinated Capital, and a recent financier- D1 Capital.

Airtable Gets Investment of $185M to Boost Its Business

Therefore, Airtable has acquired around $350 million in support. At present, 200,000 firms are making use of Airtable products. The recent users of Airtable products consist of HBO, Time, Netflix, Conde Nast Entertainment, MIT Media Lab, IBM, and the City of Los Angeles.

Liu’s first venture was Etacts. He sold out Etacts to Salesforce Company to launch Airtable. After his hustle with Google Sheets and MS-Excel, Liu wanted to create a product for small enterprises and individuals. Hence, small firms or individuals who cannot spend a heavy sum on Salesforce products can utilize Airtable.

Airtable Startup needs more employees to expand as offers vacancies for the techies in Austin. The Austin based Airtable company has 30 staff. It plans to increase it to 100. The office in Austin was inaugurated in April. The firm aims to increase in the workforce in San Francisco too.

Airtable Company has its clients in Austin that includes Notley Ventures, Whole Foods Market, Four Hands Furniture, and H-E-B.

Airtable Spreadsheet: Latest Features Unveiled

The new options unleashed in the Airtable service are:

1. Airtable Apps Introduced: 

Besides funding, Airtable introduced several latest options. The most significant feature is the Airtable Apps. The users can apply a pre-created blocks to insert Gantt charts, maps, other options in the tables. Airtable is easy for the users as it involves a no-code solution. But at a point, a user requires extra custom-made tools rather than pre-created blocks.

2. Sharing Newly Created Apps: 

The Airtable Apps are low-code platforms. It enables experienced persons to create apps by applying the basic JavaScript coding. The applications are linked with Airtable completely. Airtable supports the users in creating apps swiftly from the beginning.

Once the apps are created, the users have the choice to share on Airtable Souk. They can also get another person’s concept on the souk. The users can use tools that fulfill tasks such as text translation and interpretation of images in the Airtable spreadsheet.

3.  Airtable Automations: 

Airtable automation

Another foremost option added is Airtable Automations. Through this option, users can create personalized and computerized assignments. It will help in producing information and execute other cyclic tasks. All tasks can be done through Airtable’s menu-driven interface. The users can create routine follows and combinations.

Presently, this option you can access free cost. The Airtable panel is thinking to charge some amount for it after a while. This automation will get pricey for the users if applied for a considerable period.

4. Airtable Sync Option: 

The ultimate option is Airtable Sync. This option allows the working party to communicate information in the corporation efficiently. This feature also offers a ‘Control’ feature to limit the visibility of data to certain people in the business.

The main purpose is to help users to create software via Airtable. The built software is interrelated. Thus,  the users can enable to reveal a basis of truth-value among the various cases of Airtable.

Airtable Gets Investment of $185M to Boost Its Business


Airtable spreadsheet is the right option for small scale organizations and individuals. The newly launched low-code and automated options make Airtable all-around software. A large number of small firms and startups are setting up in Austin city. So, Austin is the ideal spot to increase Airtable customers. Consequently, Airtable Startup needs more employees to expand and enhance customer involvement.

Airtable Gets Investment of $185M to Boost Its Business



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