Airtable Facts To Know About : How it works

Airtable Facts to Know About and how it works is the curiosity of many users. Hence, in this article I am going to tell you more about Airtable, usage, and comparison with other similar apps.

Airtable: A User-Oriented Spreadsheet to Organize Data

Normally, business enterprises employ software to store and handle all the financial information. The firms make use of software like Microsoft Excel to document income and expenditure, charts, etc. Therefore, we all prepare Excel sheets to collect data. But, in this article, we will discuss versatile software called Airtable.

We are getting dependent on various tools to fulfill our tasks. Though Excel is one of the most used spreadsheets, we require software that automatically manages and arranges our information. For that, Airtable is the right choice as it is a multipurpose application.

Now, the question arises, What is an Airtable and How it Works? Airtable encompasses features of a spreadsheet and database. It allows an establishment to work together in a completely adaptable setting. So, this software is well known as it helps organize data in a meaningful manner. Project Management and Inventory Management have been made simpler with this advanced tool.

Airtable Facts to Know About

Airtable contains the elements of a database that you can correlate with the spreadsheet. Although, this product enables you to execute the task, but also With it, a person can create customized apps even if he has no prior coding knowledge.

Airtable facts to know about

At this point, let’s figure out What is Airtable Used for? Airtable serves the following purposes:

  1. Easy-To-Use Product: Airtable is handy software used to store large information. It depicts all the data attractively.
  2. Leading Software: With such brilliant software, a business can complete all its tasks efficiently. It controls and manages data like a database. Users can utilize it for product management, stock management, project and task planning, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
  3. Displays Customer FeedbackVariousMNCs like We Work operates Airtable to arrange and sort out customers’ opinions.
  4. Manages Images & Videos Program: Many famous media companies like Fortune, Money, and Time employs Airtable to handle image and video creation calendar.
  5. Undertake Regular Tasks: Airtable allows anyone to carry out minimal tasks such as searching for an apartment building, shopping catalogue, and wedding timetable.

Airtable Facts To Know About: How it works

Airtable: Its 6 Major Elements 

There are 6 main elements of Airtable that I have listed below:

  1. Bases: Airtable provides many templates to create a base to store all data required for an assignment. Users can use Bases via an accessible base or spreadsheet.
  2. Tables: Bases are a group of Tables. It is akin to the tables provided in a spreadsheet.
  3. Views: Any question related to data has been displayed in the Views option.
  4. Fields: In the Field, There are the notes. These can be in numeric and text form.
  5. Records: We call every table row as a Record.
  6. Team: The team is the group of bases.

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Distinction Between Airtable & Excel

It is important to spot What is the Difference between Airtable and Excel? The main distinction between Airtable and MS-Excel are:

  1. Checkboxes & Drop-Down Option: The base feature of Airtable is the same as cells in a spreadsheet. But in Airtable, you can integrate various cells like a drop-down menu and checkboxes.
  2. Structuring: Airtable is prearranged whereas Excel is unstructured. It means when information is saved in the Airtable column, each row insert that subject automatically. But in Excel, a person has to insert various data.
  3. Linking Data: The linking of data in Excel and Airtable is feasible, but the way Airtable accomplishes is remarkable.
  4. A Fusion of a Spreadsheet & Database: Airtable is high-performing as it handles loads of data. Excel works like a usual spreadsheet only while Airtable is a blend of a database and spreadsheet. You can order data in a grid in Airtable serving as a spreadsheet. Significant data links can be made when Airtable acts like a database.

Airtable Facts To Know About: How it works

Airtable: Is it With Or With No Cost?

Are you are thinking Is Airtable free? The answer is this product offers a free plan and priced package too. You can visit the page for fee details. The use of Airtable has restrictions on free and paid versions that are discussed on the Airtable website.

  1. Free Airtable: In the free version, you can include bases and coworkers as many as you wish. But every base must be within the confines provided on the Airtable pricing page. If a base goes beyond that limit, you will be required to update that base workplace. You will get 2GB storage space and 1200 records.
  2. Premium Airtable Package: To avail of the premium Airtable package, you have to pay $24 per user for each month (Monthly Billing) for 5GB storage space. For Annual Billing, you will be paying $20 per user every month.

Is Airtable pro worth

So, Is Airtable Pro worth? It can be said that Airtable Pro is the right option for higher establishments. You can access the blocks’ option in Airtable Pro only. There are Calendar and priority support options with 20 GB file storage to store 50,000 files.

Airtable: It’s Usage as a Personal CRM

Any organization runs efficiently if it has good relationships with its customers. It has been stated that Airtable is an incredible tool to manage all the data of any enterprise. Airtable provides a CRM control panel for firms.

This Customer Relationship Management dash conveys vital customer data. The business owners can examine this data to develop better communications with their customers. It will help a business to advance its sales and increase yield.

So, Is Airtable a CRM? Yes, you can use it as a personal CRM though it has been developed for the working squad. Anyone can easily insert or remove columns and information in the Airtable database. Any person can use it as a personal CRM to improve relationships with the clientele.

Airtable: Can be Accessed Offline or Not?

Hence, Can I Use Airtable Offline? The answer is ‘No’. Offline Airtable cannot work. Still, there are various alternatives to transfer data and retrieve Airtable offline:

  1. As CSV Files: By storing the existing data offline in Airtable, you can transfer that information as CSV (Comma Separated Values) files. You need to transfer each file individually.
  2. API Integration: Through API (Application Programming Interface) integration, you have to store and obtain data regularly.

Airtable: Can It Send-off E-mails?

People, do query Can Airtable Send Emails?  Of course, you can use Airtable to send and receive emails, but you have to use Zapier for this. The Zapier is an intermediary that enables you to link up Airtable with different services and applications.

While setting up Zap, you will receive an email as some actions take place in Airtable. Airtable acts as a trigger application. The e-mail user serves as an active application. Consequently, for each latest record, Zap will forward an e-mail.

Final Thoughts | Airtable Facts to Know About

It can be affirmed that Airtable is resourceful software for teams specifically. It is a great tool where many people are doing tasks simultaneously and handling a large volume of data. There is an option of synchronized editing that makes data sharing feasible. Plus, Airtable is a perfect tool for maintaining a business schedule. 




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