7 Best Email Marketing Services for Growing Businesses

Best Email marketing services have been one of the mainstays of online marketing for a long time. The sheer fact that you can target a very broad audience with emails makes it one of the most viable broad-spectrum marketing options out there. Despite the development of spam filters and other screening options, email marketing is a powerful tool when used efficiently. Here are 7 email marketing services which can help you take your online marketing success to a new level:

Top 7 Email Marketing Services Option for Better Marketing

1.     Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the oldest and best-known companies for email marketing. They were started in 1995 and since then, have been one of the best in the business. Aside from offering some very exclusive email marketing modules, they also offer specific niches and specialized email marketing options for them. This makes them a great tool for promoting your business through emails.

Further, Constant Connect also has a social media tool which can be used to handle multiple marketing and promotion campaigns. All of this thrown together makes Constant Connect our first choice on this list. If you want someone to know what is email marketing, this is the product to start  working with.

2.     SendinBlue

Mail marketing software

SendinBlue is another big name in email marketing and is particularly good for low budget businesses. The reason it is a top choice for smaller businesses is that it uses a per email pricing criteria. So, companies can choose how many emails they want to spend and this gives them a lot of marketing budget legroom. If you are a fledgling company, then you can also use the limited plan although it has limited options.

SendinBlue also has several other additional features email marketing for small business owners. These include third-party plugin options and SMS features. So, it is a complete package for virtually all kinds of marketing services that a small business could need. Naturally, for businesses both large and small, it is one of our top recommendations.

3.     GetResponse

Best Email Marketing Services

GetResponse is a rather unique solution for companies looking for comprehensive marketing. It combines many things, including email marketing such as landing page creator and webinars management platforms. This is a complete marketing platform and the centre of the process options available. All of these also come with a rather comprehensive resource guide.

Further, the email marketing manager is also very intuitive. It offers drag and drop options and other useful features. This can make handling email management a lot easier, even for those who do not have campaign management experience. Also, since the platform is all online, you can use it through any device without needing any downloads or installs. This makes GetResponse one of the best email marketing software.

4.     Hubspot

Best E-mail marketing services

HubSpot is primarily known for its CRM options. However, it does carry an email marketing platform with it as well. Like most other modern email marketing tools, it has drag and drop features along with basic enhancement options. These include making CTAs, content space, imaging, etc. You can also make A/B testing with it. This is a basic set of options, but it does get the job done and since it is free, this is the place you should start. If you want to explain what email marketing mistakes should be avoided, then HubSpot works well.

5.     ConvertKit

Best Email Marketing Services

ConvertKit is the combination of easy, intuitive management with smooth workflow processing. This specific software is designed for individual email marketers rather than companies. So, while companies and their representatives can use it, bloggers, vloggers and other solo email marketing users will find it easiest. Aside from the email marketing option itself, it also has a landing page creator which makes running a campaign a lot easier. The USP of this platform is that it makes quick work of running and campaign and anyone can do it. That is why it is the best email marketing examples.

6.     MailChimp

mail chimp

MailChimp is another email marketing platform which is very popular with individual email marketers. It is designed to address simple and short-term campaigns, though it can cater to larger ones as well. It has many useful features underneath its rather simple interface. The most important ones are A/B testing, contact segmenting, service and app integration, auto-responders, time-zone based sending and others.

7.     Drip

Best Email Marketing Services

While relatively new on the market, Drip has amassed a strong following and a lot of attention. It is best suited for companies in the e-commerce domain. It offers email marketing as part of an entire suite of marketing tools catering to specific areas. Email marketing from this platform offers a number of essential tools which you can use to augment your marketing process. Plus, the integrative nature allows companies to organize email marketing plans with other marketing initiatives. Add to that the metrics which help you understand conversions and a myriad of other factors and you get a perfect answer for which is the best bulk mailing software for e-commerce.

Which Of These Email Marketing Services and Tools Should You Go For?

If you want to answer the question of what is email marketing for yourself, these above 7 tools are the perfect way of doing that. Many of them are cutting-edge and offer high-end options to clients. Others are basic but they can get the job done with minimum expense. This gives you plenty of options to choose from whether you are a single operator or part of a marketing agency/company. Choose the one which fits your needs best and make the best of its features!





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