7 Best 1TB Solid State Drives (SSD) To Know About

Solid State Drive is the state-of-the-art storage device that makes the traditional Hard Disk Drives obsolete.

With the advancement in the setup of personal computers, various manufacturers have stepped up their game when it comes to efficient storage and fast processing. And indeed, SSDs are more efficient than the HDDs. They have made the lives of gamers and laptop users considerably easier.

How 1TB Solid State Drive Gets Successful

The reasons for the success of SSDs are abundant. For one, the speed of the new Solid-State Drives is quicker and more efficient than the Hard Disk Drives. This factor alone is enough to sell the storage device to the tech masses. In fact, most new generation laptops already come with SSDs because a wide array of people is acknowledging its superiority over the Hard disk drives.

Solid State drive

The second reason is the efficacy of SSDs as you no longer have to worry about technical faults which were quite common in the traditional storage system. Subsequently, investment in SSDs is more expensive than in HDDs. However, this little increase in price shouldn’t be a factor for backing off. Some SSDs are quite cost-friendly and you can easily identify such units if you have enough cognizance. Let’s look at some of the best SSDs out there which are waiting for you to make your life easier.

Best Solid State Drive (SSDs) at a Glance

Various factors determine the quality and performance of SSDs, including the interface, the capacity, and the speed. Drawing out a meticulous contrast between renowned SSDs will facilitate you in buying the perfect one which will fulfil all your needs and make your computer system robust for gaming and such. These are 7 of the best 1TB Solid State Drives.

1. WD Black SN 750


  • Interface: PCIe
  • Read performance: 3100MB/s
  • Write Performance: 1600MB/s

2. Crucial MX500


  • Interface: SATA 6Gb/s
  • Sequential Read: 560MB/s
  • Sequential Write: 510MB/s

3. Corsair Force MP600


  • Interface: PCIe
  • Sequential Read: 4,950MB/s
  • Sequential Write: 4.250MB/s

4. Intel Optane 905P


  • Interface: PCIe
  • Sequential Read: 2600MB/s
  • Sequential Write: 2200MB/s

5. Toshiba OCZ RD400


  • Sequential Read: 2600MB/s
  • Sequential Write: 1550MB/s
  • Write Endurance: 592TB

6. Samsung 860 Evo


  • Sequential Read: 550MB/s
  • Sequential Write: 520MB/s
  • 5-year warranty

7. Intel 760p Series


  • Interface: PCIe
  • Sequential Read: 3,230MB/s
  • Sequential Write: 1,625MB/s

What are the fastest SSD Drives?

WD Back SN750:

Western Digital’s Black SN 750 has improved hardware over the hardware of the previous model to make it performance-efficient. You have got everything in the system as perfect as it can get when compared with similar products in the market. Whether it be the firmware, the Solid state drive (SSD) dashboard or the speed, this SSD tops everything and it will contribute immensely to enhance your gaming experience.

Corsair Force MP600:

When it comes to quick read and write speed and efficacious performance, this is the best one in the market by a long shot. The pricing may throw you off but it makes up for a great up-gradation to old laptops or PCs. Once installed, the speed of your laptop would augment manifold, boosting the performance tremendously.

For more information you can visit : Force Series Gen.4 PCIe MP600 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD

Is it worth getting a 1TB SSD?

The factors of purpose and cost play a significant role in choosing the capacity of an SSD. During the advent of SSD, the manufacturers kept the cost of SSD incredibly high, which made purchasing high capacity SSD nearly impossible.

Best 1TB Solid State Drives

This was a major impediment to gamers because some prominent games require massive storage. Eventually, the prices fell significantly, much to the joy of the gamers.

A 1TB SSD wouldn’t cost you a fortune when compared to other capacities while you have decent storage in your system, enough space for even big games.

The management needs to be given utmost attention when you are investing in a 1TB SSD. If this is taken care of, then there shouldn’t be any reason for you to go for anything higher. Moreover, the speed of a 1TB SSD is also adequate for good computing experience.

How long do Solid State Drive (SSD) last?

One of the frequently asked questions about SSDs is the duration of its service. It largely depends upon the brand and model of the device, more importantly, its specification. Various tech-savvies estimate the age of an average SSD to be around 10 years. This is not an absolute figure and may vary as per the model and the treatment it has been getting over a period of time.

What size SSD is optimum?

You need to ask yourself a few questions in order to reach a definite conclusion about getting an SSD with optimum capacity. How much money can you invest in SSDs? What capacity does your computer system support? What is the existing storage configuration of your laptop or computer?

If you want to maintain a balance of all sorts and merely want to speed up your system, then the perfect choice for you would be a 500 GB SSD. SSDs with the capacity of 500GB wouldn’t cost you a fortune and it is compatible with virtually all new generation laptops.


Best 1TB Solid State Drives

The next best option would be a 1TB SSD which would cost you significantly more because of the scope it offers. This is appropriate mainly for people with a specific purpose, such as for enhancing the gaming experience. It also augments the speed of your system tremendously.

To put it concisely, consider your budget and the specifications of your laptop. The compatibility between the SSD and laptops is of foremost importance because any further discussion would be futile.


SSDs are a perfect means for optimizing the performance of your desktops or laptops for a myriad of purposes. Replacing the traditional HDDs with the new SSDs will improve the speed of your computing system tremendously. The price fall in SSDs comes as a blessing for innumerable laptop users as well as gamers. Choosing the quintessential SSDs, though, can be tricky. However, an in-depth cognizance of the subject will go a long way and even assist you in maintaining your computing system. I hope you found this article helpful.





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