6 Best Streaming Services for TV and Movies

In this era, streaming services are turning up as a wildflower. Satellite TV and cable consumers are thinking to shift on streaming subscriptions either. There are some of the streaming services that are a better alternative against the cable. So, you might think of investing in streaming subscriptions.

Here are the list of best streaming services that will light up your experience by spending a few additional pennies compared with the satellite TV.

  1. Netflix

Netflix is the perfect platform for the cord-cutters that have pride that they have every bit of knowledge about the content. This platform overshadows the mainstream media conversation and has backed up many awards. If you want to binge-watch on Netflix then you have to check out the plans and pricing.

Plans and Pricing

Talking about the subscription plan than it starts at $8.99/Mo. * that will let you sign up from one device. If you check other plans then there is one HD plan that starts with $12/mo.*, it comprises of the basic components and the plus point is that you can enable two connections. The standard one includes an amazing quality of viewing and you can operate four connections at a time, and you can also check out the premium subscription that will cost you $15.99/mo.*

  1. Hulu 

Hulu’s application is owned by NBC. You will find amazing TV shows and movies to binge watch. It is considered as Hulu’s Life Force, where you can check out a big list of TV shows and movies. You can also check out the wide range of films and it also embraces the original shows of their own.

Plans and Pricing 

Their standard plans will include the advertisement and for that, you have to spend $5.99/mo.* If you want to get the standard plan without Adds than pay 11.99/mo.* The point to be noted is there is certain content that you can’t view without ads even if you are paying extra charges. For all the cord-cutters, go and avail the subscription and get an experience of customizable content.

  1. Amazon Prime  

Everyone knows about “Amazon Prime Video” but the customers who don’t have access over it, this service is considered as Amazon Video. It comprises of a superb content that you can binge watch by purchasing or even on rent. This is an affordable streaming service that will provide you amazing user experience

Plans and Pricing 

This streaming service is free for the consumers having a subscription of Amazon Prime, but for the non-Prime members, they have to purchase it by paying $8.88/mo.* so that they can have to check out their video library. Their members are free to get the extra subscription for CBS, STARZ®, and HBO®, by paying the cost of $14.99/mo.*

  1. STARZ

It is started by Lionsgate, the service that overshadows other streaming services is its exclusive movie catalog. STARZ subscribers can have access to stream the STARZ content, whether it is current or past but for the limited period.

Plans and Pricing 

You can avail the STARZ streaming service by paying $8.99/mo.* and if you are looking for the plan that is for a good time, then check out their annual plan costs $74.99/Mo. * that will bring to $6.25 every month. You can avail of the subscription through the STARZ platforms and can also get the services through Hulu and Amazon Video.

  1. The Criterion Channel 

For the people who cherish the art of film then check out this platform as it includes the content that is not much recognized and one cannot even find it just anywhere. With “The Criterion Channel”, you can have a glaring view of contemporary, independent, classic, and international movies with the updated elements.

Plans and Pricing 

The monthly plan costs $10.99/mo.*. If you want to avail of the annual subscription then you have to pay $99.99 per year.

  1. Shudder 

In 2015, Shudder has been just an invite for beta testing, but it quickly owns the market and has a great fan base. The credit goes to the awesome releases and industrial relations. It is the only platform that has exclusive horror shows and movies.

Plans and Pricing 

Shudder provides the same shows and components on their yearly and monthly plan. You can get a monthly subscription at the cost of $5.99/Mo. * and for years, you have to pay $56.99/mo.*. You can abandon the Shudder plan according to your convenience.

What is the best streaming service for TV shows?

A great alternative will be the streaming service for which you can easily pay. Consider Amazon Prime Video as it is cheaper than many other streaming services. Along with it, Prime video features a great range of TV shows and has nearly double movies when compared with altogether other streaming services. But yes, dig deeper to find the shows that will worth your time. 

 What is the best streaming service for movies?

From critics and audiences, Netflix has a comparatively low average score compared with the Prime video, HBO Max, Disney+, and Hulu. But, Netflix is the only streaming services that have shown up the way directly to the Oscars. In 2020, Netflix has been nominated for 24 major categories and even taken two statues at home. This makes the game plan of Netflix strong and powerful.

Do you get Netflix free with Amazon Prime

No, you will not get the free subscription to Netflix along with Amazon Prime. The membership cost of Amazon Prime is $99 every year, along with it you get unlimited and free shipping within two days on many products.

Netflix subscription will cost you $7.99 every month, but for the new member, the prices may increase by $1 or $2 later by this quarter. But the existing members will have to pay the same charges for the “Generous” period.




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